Cheaper than conventional grain, our brewery grain helps both organic and conventional farmers reduce input costs. 

What do you need to get started?

You will need to choose a suitable area on your farm to store the wet grain, ideally convenient to where you want to use the feed. It is recommended that you store the grain on a cement floor or slab, and that you have enough floor area to accommodate 2 loads. This way, each time you have a new load of grain delivered, it won't be put on top of the old grain.

Brewery grain is a wet feed product that is delivered fresh. Depending on the brewing schedule, and the quantity you want per week, you may have a delivery once or several times in a week.

You must have clear access at all times to this area for our delivery vehicle. Your grain may be delivered any time, according to the agreed quantity, between 7am - 7pm, any day of the week. After the first delivery, you do not need to be present for our grain delivery.

Call or email us for more information and a quote based on your distance and quantity. 613-874-2969 or

An interesting article in Edible Toronto with lots of good info about the advantages of spent grain. We are mentioned, along with Beau's Brewery near the end of the article.

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