Brewery Grain delivered to farmers

You can cut your feed costs by as much as 30% to 50%!

Brewery grain is a high-protein, low cost alternative to conventional feed. 

Cheaper than conventional grain, the brewery grain is certified organic by Pro-Cert and suitable for farmers producing organically, as well as conventional farmers.

Call or email today for our nutritional analysis. 

Organic, hand-raised meat

Eat only happy animals!

Pork, lamb, turkey and chicken, all raised sustainably here on the farm.

All animals have free access to outdoor areas and eat high quality organic feed, organic brewery grain, hay, as well as pasture in the summer (also, probably more than a few bugs, but there's no accounting for taste!)

Pickle Patch Farm uses no antibiotics or hormones with any of its animals and our meats are nitrite free.

All Pickle Patch meats are sold frozen for food safety reasons. 

Organic Garden Goods

Try our crazy-good fermented organic dill pickles, grown and pickled using our secret recipe here on the farm.

We also make fantastic bread & butter pickles.

Available by pre-order in April only and quantities are limited (but the pickles are so worth it!)

We also grow organic hops, raspberries and a selection of vegetables.